Issue of November 15, 2009

It’s a new week and a new issue. Because our columnists write on a bi-weekly basis, the ones listed below are new as of this week.

Thanksgiving means food, so Lauren’s bedtime reading in the last week has consisted of newly arrived cookbooks that have her dreaming, especially, of lovers and onions in Like Lovers. And as in all the editor’s letters, you’ll find special highlights: The Pub House, Of Interest, and This Week. Each has been personally selected (no trades here) and comes with her own recommendation.

Lev Raphael has been asked to donate his papers to Michigan State University Library. Such a request is an honor for any writer, but what does it actually mean? Lev shares his experiences—the discomfort, the pride, and the work involved in this enormous project—and his feelings about it all in In the Realm of the Archives.

Even non-sports people know the names of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. But what many people, followers or not, do not know is the “humanity behind their historical significance” of these two true sports stars. Pete tackles a book that tells this story and comes up with a strong recommendation in Inside Moves.

Religion, faith, love, and hope are deep and sometimes divisive waters. David wades into them when he explores not only a new book of the differences among them, but ends up sharing his own journey that follows a similar path in For What It’s Worth.

Don’t forget to check that six days a week we have new material for you to enjoy on our Literary Amusements page. Literaria du Jour offers a literary factoid; Reading Remarks offers quotes about books and reading. It’s a quick read, but a most enjoyable one.

All of us at BiblioBuffet hope you enjoy this issue. We wish you a wonderful week!



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2 responses to “Issue of November 15, 2009

  1. Just read Lev Raphael’s article and the review of Patience with God. Both were wonderful, and I’m really excited to have discovered this site (thanks to Janet Reid!) (you’re now on my links list)

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