The OMG! Day

Literary agent extraordinaire Janet Reid stunned me by posting a link to this blog last night. Now Janet and I are casual friends. I met her online several years ago in . . . uh, circumstances which must go unnamed due to privacy issues. Then in 2008, the publishing industry’s trade show, BEA, was in Los Angeles. She came out, and I met her then. I liked her a lot. She seemed to like me too.

Anyone who reads her blog knows that Janet takes pride in presenting herself as a curmudgeon, but what her curmudgeonly persona hides is a beautiful person who simply does things in her own time and her own way.

Last night was one of those. I checked her blog as I do every day for a good laugh or a raised eyebrow. And I nearly fell off my chair. I didn’t do that, but I did end up knocking the cat off my chest as I gasped at her latest post. Where did that suddenly come from? I have no idea. But it made me burst into tears before I recovered myself and promptly e-mailed all of BiblioBuffet’s contributors to tell them of it.

I also sent Janet a very enthusiastic e-mail thank you, but haven’t yet received a response. No problem. She’s busy. And thank-you notes don’t require acknowledgment. Anyway, I will have the opportunity to tell her how much we all appreciate it when she comes out to Los Angeles in March for the Left Coast Crime Mystery Convention and, maybe, comes to visit for a few days. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Janet, if you come I promise to have the whiskey on ice and the Godiva on the nightstand.



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8 responses to “The OMG! Day

  1. christicorbett

    Congrats on your link!

    Your blog is very informative, and you’ve got yourself a new reader.

    Christi Corbett

  2. Buy some gin as well. I’m sure it won’t be wasted.

  3. I too found you through Janet Reid. Congratulations on the ‘mention’.

    Your site looks wonderful and I’ve added it as a Favourite.

    Hope your mom had a lovely birthday (and liked her new book!). My mom is also approaching her 86th and I’m currently visiting her in NJ. These times are precious indeed.


    • Welcome, Carolyn, and thank you. I am so glad you are here.

      Time is indeed precious, and isn’t it both sad and good that we only seem to recognize that fact when we have less of it? Nevertheless, I am glad you and I are taking advantage of it. The family party was wonderful. My mom loved her gift, and we got to spend time sitting together and looking through it. She even wants to go shopping for some rose bushes to plant. I told her I (a notorious hater of shopping) would love to go with her even though I have no experience with roses. Ah well, it’s a good time to learn.

      I wish you and your mother a wonderful visit, and a fabulous holiday season.

  4. YES! This is so exciting, Lauren. Hopefully Ms. Reid’s recommendation will bring a whole new bunch of readers to the site. Although I do hope your cat is okay… 😀

    • It is indeed, Lindsay. The cat is fine. Sulking, but fine. (Or is she sulking from the fact that dinner was not the fresh-canned variety. We’ll never know.)

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