To Publish Them Is To Love Them

I love professional writers, I do. Regardless of how busy they are, they never fail to meet their deadlines. They never whine. If they are up until 2:30 am finishing a piece you (meaning me, the editor) never hears about it. They take suggestions well, and turn in their revised copy quickly. And . . . they often come up with the most astonishing ideas.

One of most important things I do as the editor-in-chief is hire the best and then get out of their way. BiblioBuffet’s writers can write about anything they like (as long as it relates in some way to books, reading, or related subjects).

Lauren Baratz-Logsted, a successful author now focusing on YA (Young Adult) books, sent my managing editor and me an email last week. In it, she proposed something absolutely unique. Nicki and I immediately approved it, and today the first of its kind appeared in our e-mailboxes. And it’s just as she suggested, perhaps better. It will likely make its first appearance in about a month and every month thereafter. I think our readers will enjoy it as much as Nicki and I do.

Love ya, Lauren. And thank you!


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